Details on Header Files

All code is in header files (no library to compile) in a folder called "iof". The iof headers refer to each other in such a way that your #include statements must contain "iof/". Everything provided by the iof library is in a namespace called "iof". The following table lists the different functions/classes that can be called, and header files they can be accessed from:

Function/Classes Header file to #include
Output iof/io.hpp
iof::prints iof/prints.hpp iof/output.hpp
iof::coutf iof/coutf.hpp
iof::cerrf iof/cerrf.hpp
iof::tostr iof/tostr.hpp
iof::fmtr iof/fmtr.hpp
iof::stringizer iof/stringizer.hpp
iof::scans iof/scans.hpp iof/input.hpp
iof::cinf iof/cinf.hpp