IOF Library Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
iof::exceptBase of hierarchy of format-string related exceptions (so this does not include e.g
iof::fmt_guardRestore formatting, at guard destruction, that stream had when guard constructed
iof::fmt_no_effectException to indicate that a fmt_spec object has been sent to stream without using persistence, which means the formatting is lost
iof::fmt_specRepresent a pure "format specification", ie the format specification characters that can appear between a '%' and 's' in a format string
iof::fmtrStream input/output formater (the most important class of iof)
iof::in_failureException to indicate that input read has failed
iof::marker_not_closedException that gets thrown when no closing char found for marker
iof::marker_not_closed_fmtException thrown when a format marker is not closed before end of a format string
iof::marker_not_closed_skipException thrown when a skip marker is not closed before end of a format string
iof::skip_pastCalls istream::ignore() based on a "skipper specification" or on explicitly specified width/fill char
iof::stream_fmtRepresent the format of an (input or output) stream
iof::stringizerCreates a string from a format string and objects
iof::too_many_markersException to indicate that there are more format markers than there are objects to input or output
iof::validityRepresents the validity state of a stream

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