iof::validity Struct Reference

#include <validity.hpp>

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Detailed Description

Represents the validity state of a stream.

Currently used only for input problems: an instance of this class can be populated by iof::fmtr to get details on input errors, as in

    iof::validity ok;
    while  (cin >> iof::fmtr("%s:%s") >> hr >> min >> ok) 
        // do something
        // ...
    if (!ok) // access problemPos and fmt data members
        // ...

Public Member Functions

void set (const char *problemPos_, const std::string &fmtStr)
 operator bool () const
 return true if ok, false if not
bool operator! () const

Public Attributes

int problemPos
 index of where problem was, in format string
std::string fmt
 the format string

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